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Jordan's doctors making 3D printing prosthesis for victims of the conflict
Dec 27, 2018

The purpose of this study is to prove that 3D printing prosthesis in a war zone near the feasibility of the remote areas."The idea is difficult to obtain in the future and the lack of perfect medical system to produce 3D printing prosthesis, such as in conflict areas."How to do this, however, is still under discussion, because it is not always easy to find technical personnel in these areas, and the printer is still very expensive, "Mr. Morrow says.

Of course, the cost of the 3D printer has fallen dramatically in the last few years, and is still falling, so it will not be an obstacle, but in improving affordable 3D printing function of the prosthesis need to do more work.War does not wait for innovation, but fortunately, the manufacturers all over the world have been combined, using 3D printing technology to make up some losses.

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