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Jun Kamei's 3D printed gills allows humans to breathe underwater
Aug 20, 2018

Japanese designer Jun Kamei has created a 3D printed dress called Amphibio, which is "" an embroidered garment designed for our future water life" ", which he will present as part of the Royal Academy of arts (RCA) graduation thesis in London.


Amphibio is a two-part 3D printing accessory, made up of gills and breathing masks, designed for the future life of humans near water.

" by 2100, a temperature rise of 3.2 degrees Celsius is expected, causing sea level rise to affect 500 million to 3 billion people and inundating megacities located in coastal areas," "he explained.


The gill fitting is 3D printed from a microporous hydrophobic material that allows air to pass through but prevents any water from penetrating. The system extracts oxygen from surrounding water and releases the carbon dioxide that accumulates in the system.

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