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Jun Kamei's 3D printing gills allows humans to breathe underwater
Aug 20, 2018

Inspired by fish gills, its creators hope the design could help humans cope with rising sea levels and spend more time underwater.


"The technology was inspired by diving insects that survive underwater by trapping a thin layer of air on the surface of their ultra-hydrophobic skin, which ACTS as a gas exchange for gills," he said. "newly developed materials can be moulded in complex forms using recent additive manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing." 

" it provides daily comfort for people who spend time in water and on land," "Kamei said.


The system currently doesn't produce enough oxygen to sustain human respiration, but Kamei is planning to test AMPHIBIO to support human-scale underwater breathing, which requires at least 32 square meters of gills to support our oxygen consumption in the water.

"If you are familiar with free diving and scuba diving equipment, Amphibio falls somewhere in between," Kamei added.


Kamei graduated from RCA with a master's degree in creative design engineering. He worked with the rca-iis Tokyo design lab on the project, an international collaboration between RCA and the university of Tokyo.

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