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Made from waste material 3D printing solar electric car body
Oct 16, 2018

In order to use plastic waste to build "solar travelers", the couple worked out a new hexagonal blocks, called HexCore, using recycled materials.Chop the debris and into the 3D printer supplies wire, then to a new level, and use renewable particles of abandoned factories on an industrial scale.Use 40 3D printer, print 4000 HexCores.It is an inspiration from the cells of building blocks, the design light and strong.

Then these components are grouped together to form the structure of its electric vehicle.Once the solar traveler's shell is created, the rest of the technology is done.Solar travelers finally pulled by a pair of two wheel trailer four-wheel drive.Trailer supports 10 double-sided solar panels, can also be stored supplies, including food 47 days.

                                                           The production process

In spite of this, the team has not yet been tugged heavy water.On the contrary, they will use the surrounding ice to water.The ice will melt in the six solar vacuum tubes.Driving indoor installed infrared window, also help to absorb sunlight and keep warm cab.

Solar traveller weight is 1485 kg, considering a move solar travelers and keep equipment needed for the couple to live, it is relatively light.Solar travelers 16 m long, 8 km/hour speed forward.The slow speed of maximize the efficiency of solar panels to produce electricity.

As explained by the team, the design of course is not without some technical challenges: "creative thinking needed to drive the Antarctica.How do we float on the snow or provide drinking water?How do we communicate with mission control center?Ten solar panels to provide constant power to the engine, valve can melt the ice.Its light weight, distribution on the special wheels, make driving more efficient.Solar traveler was originally a plastic puzzle, is now built for Antarctica high-tech cars."

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