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Made from waste materials 3D printing solar electric car body
Oct 16, 2018

Recently the United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) advice, if global temperatures can be controlled within 1.5 degrees Celsius, the earth will avoid a series of ecological environment damage, such as land desertification, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, etc., many plants and animals also can avoid extinction, such as coral reefs.

                                                The last piece of pure land on earth

As the global large human activities increase, the weather climate scientists is more focus on the subject, as the habits of the people more and more convenience, a large number of plastic products into the sea, in the very long time, Marine life will feel fear, dominated by plastic if they died, their offspring will also continue to bring them the suffering of mankind.

Although now human and natural environment of the fierce competition, but now through human to technology innovation, after our environment, the weather will be better and better, there will always be people who'll love for the world to change the world, recently have a crazy Dutch couple, they have a large collection of plastic waste, and put them into a 3D printer can use of materials, through elaborate design, these plastic 3D printing into a solar electric car body, and driving the car to the South Pole.

                                                       3D printing solar electric vehicles

The project, called Clean2Antarctica is part of the Dutch couple support zero waste way.Two people set up a goal, that of collecting waste plastic and some special measures are taken to change them.They finally implement the idea is to use plastic waste to build solar electric car they can be driven to the South Pole.

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