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Made of 3 d printing ink paper robots can fold or pressing on command
Aug 24, 2018

A few months ago, Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Mellon University) and a group of researchers in using 3D printing technology, to create a series of impressive since the folding 3D objects.Today, the technology behind the researchers developed a physical robot, the robot made of conductive 3D printing and paper ShiJiaShi when current, this paper can be folded and carried out.

                                     Made of paper and 3D printing actuator robot crawl

"We are reinventing the very old material," human computer interaction institute (HCII), an assistant professor of deformation material lab director Yao Lilin, said she and her team developed the method."Drive real paper into another medium, a medium with the function of art and practical."

The trick is to 3D printing material polylactide, a kind of shape memory behavior of thermoplastics.This combined with carrying current graphene, made into 3D printing "ink".

In order to manufacture paper robot, the researchers used the FDM 3D printers, and as actuators on plain paper 3D printing the conductive ink layer of 0.5 mm.Then they heat in the 160 degrees oven.Once removed from the oven, the paper bent or folded into the required shape and make it cool, this will be the paper of the default shape.Then the electric wire is connected to the actuator, and the operator to use current heating actuator, make thermoplastic expansion and therefore make paper straightened.Delete the current, the paper will automatically return to the default shape.

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