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Made of 3d print ink paper robots can fold or pressing on command
Aug 24, 2018

"Most robots - even those robot - all need external motor made of paper," said CMU programmes to build futures researcher Wang Guanyun."We don't do it, it has created new opportunities, not just robotics, including interactive art, entertainment, and household applications."

Developed by the human-computer interaction institute at Carnegie Mellon university drive technology, the paper made of plain paper artificial aqueous reactions to human touch

To demonstrate the potential of art, in June, a seminar on China hangzhou, zhejiang university, more than 50 students to use the paper to drive technology to create the elegant pop-up books, including the van gogh's "star" (Starry Night), and "sunflower" (such as Sunflowers) interpretation of famous works of art.

Yao, said researchers are improving the method of changing the printing speed or the width of the thermoplastic plastic wire, in order to realize the different effect of fold or bend.According to the report, they also developed actuators can control the paper print touch sensors, fingers slip sensor and the method of bending Angle detector.

Yao and her team hope that through the use of a thermal paper and the development of printed silk to speed up the implementation of the actuator.The same drive used in the paper can also be used for plastic and fabric.

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