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Markforged for Metal X 3D printers H13 tool steel
Dec 22, 2018

Boston-based markforge 3D printer company announced the release of H13 tool steel for desktop size metal X 3D printers.To the expansion of the H13 will enable customers to print the parts high strength, high temperature applications, such as metal forming tool, die and punch, clamp the hardening of insert, even with conformal cooling channels of injection mold.

Use H13 print in the interior of the metal hardening of the nozzle on the X, shows the print thread.

H13 is a kind of hot working tool steel, which are widely used in thermal and mould application of cold working.Because the H13 has excellent toughness and heat resistance, so than ordinary alloy steel has better hardenability and abrasion resistance.Because of H13 can now 3D printing, manufacturing professionals can start print has a unique and complex geometry parts.With printing, for example, a conformal cooling channel of H13 injection mold, can more effectively remove the heat from the cavity, to provide a more uniform cooling, reducing parts warp, shorten the cycle and improve production, eventually reduce operating costs.

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