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Materialise and HP promote customized 3D print design and manufacture of shoes
May 30, 2018

Materialise, chief executive of Fried Vancraen said: "by providing an unprecedented level of customization, 3D printing offers hope for footwear change".This make it possible for batch production completely personalized products, at the same time also more cost effective.3D printing as a supplementary manufacturing technology, it can be on the basis of the design of the function of optimization and improvement (such as lightweight design), can achieve this is to use a standard manufacturing technology.


3D printing is also transforming to the end-to-end digital manufacturing technology for the enterprise power, it can realize the decentralized on-demand production.As a result, retailers can adopt the way of zero inventory sales, in addition to reduce the costs and risks associated with inventory, as a result of sales is customized and personalized products, precision retailers also reduce expectations of return.

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