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Materialise and HP to promote customized 3D printing design and manufacture of shoes
May 30, 2018

Based on more than 27 years of experience in 3D printing, Materialise can help footwear brands make full use of the potential of the technology, manufacturing from design to printing to increase material support every step of the process and automation.Materialise pioneered the personalize 3D printing of insole.By 2014 Phits, Materialise RS Scan, hand in hand with the foot dynamic analysis experts to become the world's first based on foot pressure dynamic measurement to make 3D printing company of insoles.


Materialise is also a driving force in the transformation of other industries.When hearing industry found that 3D printing after the change of power, the industry has experienced rapid and irreversible changes.500 days, the United States more than 90% of the hearing aid from traditional manufacturing to 3D printing.Materialise is glasses industry with a blueprint for this change.

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