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Materialise with HP to promote customized 3D printing design and manufacture of shoes
May 30, 2018

According to the South Pole bears understanding, through cooperating with RSPrint Materialise in the near future and cooperation agreement with HP, to extend end-to-end 3D solution to fully customized 3D printing insoles in the design and manufacture.HP FitStation will integrate Materialise software platform, to realize the automatic 3D design, print, preparation and production management function.The cooperation make footwear brands can truly on-demand production of personalized products, providing opportunities for expressing unique brand proposition.


HP launched FitStation platform through innovation of 3D scanning, foot dynamic analysis, and manufacturing technology to provide customized and personalized shoes.It can provide the recommendation of the finished shoes and insoles, insoles and 3D printing custom shoes.Materialise software suite integration into FitStation platform, can help brands design innovative, customized insole.Materialise software suite of the insole printing preparation and production process management and automation, help manufacturers through high efficient and reliable way to expand its 3D printing business.

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