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Michelin develop wooden tire and want to use 3D printing to renovate
Jul 31, 2018

Michelin is to develop innovative solutions for integration, more and more in the tire regeneration and renewable materials.Brought many benefits to wood components."Trees everywhere.So you are reassigned to everyone the opportunity to the local purchasing, and they are renewable."Roger said.


Wooden tire will still own the use of most of the components, but the amount of oil in elastomer of sawdust will replace tires.

"We have a project using wood chips.We will use the waste from the wood industry to make into the tire elastomer, "added Roget."We believe that this is a very good solution in the future."

At present, the company is working on Brazil's timber, and establish the planting patterns, allows the banana planting with cocoa and rubber.The company believes that one day, 3D printing will completely change the tire technology.Advanced materials and 3D printing will be used in the manufacture of mobile solutions and update this tread, and means that it is 100% recyclable.

The company and Fives Group S.A. established a joint venture called AddUp, developed a series of metal 3D printers, they will use 3D printing mold to improve the performance of Michelin.

Roget admitted tire 3D print of the actual schedule is 10 to 15 years, but hope that the new technology can change that.

"We are working to develop the rubber print or polymer print.We are more in the early stages of this technology.But it needs to be industrialized, prepare for the future."

3D printing tires can be made from recycled materials at the end of its service life.It even has a repeatable print tread, so most of the forever do not need to change the tire.

"We can print the tread, but it needs to be industrialized.We are making some progress very fast, "explained Roget."May eventually electric vehicle charging station is also the charging station of the tire."

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