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Michelin is developing wooden tire and want to use 3D printing to renovate
Jul 31, 2018

Michelin to lumber in the tire, the company believes that wooden tire will become a reality in less than two years time.



Michelin in May announced its 2048 ambitions, including 100% in 2048 to manufacture recycled tire plan, at the same time use 80% of sustainable materials.Now, the plan has been further shows that the French tire maker in an interview tell Maureen, Michelin are studying the use of wood in the tyre.

Michelin, director of the global spread of science and innovation Cyrille Roget, said the company is seeking to use woodiness material to replace the key oil composition, and hope that sometime in the 2020 show the first tire made of wood.

To achieve this ambitious goal sustainable materials approach will be through the study of biological source materials (such as Biobutterfly) plan to implement.Biobutterfly project in 2012 with Axens and IFP Energies Nouvelles, together for the production of wood, straw, or sugar beet biomass synthetic elastomer.

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