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MIT and BMW 3D printing develop flexible filling materials
May 31, 2018

According to foreign media reports, the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) and BMW (BMW) is studying 3D printing technology new forms, air can completely change the car interior.


The Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) and BMW (BMW) is can develop 3 d printing, inflatable, elastic material, in order to change the future car design.At present, the car has been used on airbags and some chairs.But because the inflatable object should be a kind of hard to use thin flexible materials can only be run normally, engineers have not tried any plan is too complicated or too aggressive.

Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) self-assembled laboratory (Self - Assembly Lab) is developing a new technology called "liquid gas dynamic printing" to change this situation.Printer will liquefied materials into gel groove, and curing.3 d printing usually only use hard plastic, but the MIT lab to 100% silicone printing into various complex programmable for inflated or deflated airbags.Self-assembly, joint director of the laboratory and founder Skylar Tibbits tell FastCompany, "it is to use the air programming, is different from the 1 s and 0 s (binary store) in the computer, you send a different air pulse.

Material can look like a living, breathing, swelling and dormancy.At the same time, BMW (BMW) over the past ten years has been committed to the future inflatable concept car.One concept is to imagine that cars with deformable flexible shell.Another idea is to configure mobile, inflatable simulation dashboard, marking the obstacles ahead.

Inflatable material means completely customizable: automotive interior seats can be combined and expand into different directions and configuration;Seat hardness or softness can programming;Of course can also be redesigned airbag;There may be more useful.BMW, the MIT haven't disclosed) will be how to use this new technology, but according to the researchers, where technology may use is inflated and deflated.

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