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New biodegradable GROWLAY 3D print materials can be used for indoor breeding
Jul 03, 2018

With the introduction of Growlay, should now be clear is that has universal fertile soil humus localized quality can be used as a printable materials now.No matter when and where to grow, the flexible matrix for gardeners or researchers use at any moment.Customers can be planted with personalized design exotic or park, and throwing on the seeds.

                                 By scanning electron microscope photographs

                                                                 Lichen in GROWLAY

                                                             Lichen in GROWLAY

                                                       Growth in GROWLAY white

Kai has developed two different versions of the Growlay:

1. GROWLAY - white

Porous capillary open mode, can be completely compost, is composed of a kind of pure materials, biodegradable, too.

2. GROWLAY - brown

Although not compost, but it will provide more reliability.It has pores, contains organic nutrients (wood particles), can be used as any green food.It has a high tensile strength, and more hard than GROWLAY - white.It has higher temperature stability, which can be easily printed like Laywood.

GROWLAY can use gas or liquid (not hot) disinfection (used in food and research).It can even color in order to obtain a higher contrast, so that the visual separation and seeding growth.

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