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New biodegradable GROWLAY 3D printing materials can be used for indoor breeding
Jul 03, 2018

3D printing experts and consumables pioneer Kai Parthy introduced a new material called GROWLAY, is applying for patent of biodegradable 3D printing materials.

                      Seed on the white GROWLAY material model, changes in a few days

As early explorers of wire rod, 3D printing experts Kai Parthy has developed a large number of used (mainly FDM) 3D printing materials, including MOLDLAY, BENDLAY and LAYCERAMIC products, these products have achieved success in the material market.Parthy even in building 3D printing has made achievements, his 3D printing steel plug-in made headlines by the end of last year.

Parthy latest product GROWLAY material can be used in indoor breeding.GROWLAY material level can produce organic structure, such as hills and scenery.Add any kinds of water plants, seeds or spores, they will grow in the filament.The key GROWLAY was layered micro capillary properties of thermoplastic materials.It to absorb and store water cavity, dissolved liquid nutrients or fertilizer.It is a kind of absorbent, can provide stable structure for grass and moss.

Some people will want to use it to cultivate mushroom mycelium, some people may want to use the real landscape of vegetation to enhance model.You can also in complex layer Growlay organic microchannel planting precious mold in cheese.Parthy even tried lichen - usually only like settled on rough concrete or roof tiles.

                                                    Above: blue, below: pink

                   Left: brown model, in: cotton mold growth, right: slow growth of moss

There are plenty of experimental space, but don't forget to irrigate new ecosystem regularly!Kai new invention will be precious water stored in a tiny pore, and provide security for its storage, at the same time, the water containing added nutrients or fertilizer.

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