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New invention: scientists can use laser 3D printing cooking food
Jan 02, 2019

The Columbia University researchers developed a 3D food printer, laser can be used to cook food.3D printing food are spreading rapidly, but most of the printed food, after coming out of the 3D printer cooking must be put in the oven.Researcher Dr Jonathan Bluthinger think these processes can be combined, he said: "we can already use laser cooking food, also can print food, so the next logical step is to combine the two projects."

Food printing equipment principle of work and almost all other 3 d food printer, is extruded through a potato, rice and other grains, fruits and vegetables, such as food ingredients and mix into a paste.Two servo drive mirrors to reflect the laser to print food, cooking food with complex precision heating mode.

Bluthinger's goal is to create easy configuration and sharing of digital recipe, it says, "if you try a meal, and like it, you can simply download and sent to a friend, he can try immediately."It's like a perfect copy any private cook meal.

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