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New invention: scientists can use laser 3D print cooking food
Jan 02, 2019

With a digital personal chef has many advantages, because the machine can create personalized diet and diet, meet specific nutritional guidelines."In addition, each of us has our own tastes and dietary restrictions, so when the health of the data-driven approach you take, you can realize the personalized and nutritious meals."Because this machine have mastered the knowledge of the ingredients, it can be in a unique way to combine them together, and based on the biological characteristics and nutritional needs of you.

When used on such a precise level of trace and large amounts of nutrients, while maintaining the nutritional content are easier to mold according to individual be fond of taste.Laser can also create any level of cooked degrees and carbonized, this greatly contributed to the pleasant texture and taste, as Bluthinger said, "so one of the main advantages of laser is they really high resolution and complete control over the quantity of heat to, this is really beneficial to food printing application, your food is only a few millimeters thick.You can be in layer by laying of food cooking at the same time, it is more effective in this regard."

Bluthinger also commented on by the visual appeal of laser simulation barbecue tag, "food of the visual aesthetic feeling is we noticed that one of the most important things about the quality, so if you can adjust the physical quality of food by changing how you can make it taste better.

3D printing for Bluthinger food become the main obstacle is not the mainstream technology, but marketing."Fifty years later, it became a business problem and the education process;How do you sell it - to people when you talk about food print, usually reaction was a strange face."Is open to new technology is a good thing - food print sounds can be a daunting technical, it doesn't sound too tempting, but once you realize that the health benefits of it, and food formula can be Shared, will not be so."

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