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New Zealand designer create interactive 4D print aquatic plants
Sep 26, 2018

Then wrapped in sculpture the colloidal supporting materials by the soaking in the water and use a toothpick to clean carefully removed.This is a process of 4 hours.After cleaning, put them in the water, the use of applying color light, LED projector to supplement the personality of each plant, enhance awareness.

These computer generated object (CGO) using the digital world, its form the versatility and efficiency of production, and the object can respond to the environment, human and other print objects of the physical world.Control design and control of the balance between natural interaction led to a dramatic organic performance.

"They can cope with external factors, such as gravity, the water ripples or water flow, and the real life human or other interactive 3D printing," said Hone."Their very similar man-made composite material and the behavior of the organism."

As Hone said, her project puts forward the concept of "tangible animation".The sensor and the possibility of 3D printing combined with intelligent materials make the technology of museum, theme park and the film industry is very useful.

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