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Norsk 3D print reserve plane door lock accessories rapid plasma deposition (RPD) technology
Jan 04, 2019

In April 2017, Norsk for 2017 aircraft production after the first RPDS production parts for qualification.In July 2018, Norsk confirmed that it has started to the Spirit of the first 3D printing parts qualification certification process.

RPDS equipment in 2017 for the Boeing 787 dreamliner production titanium parts

Norsk RPDS technology using raw materials based on wire rod, layered fusion in the inert argon gas environment.In order to ensure the process quality and stability, the melting process monitoring more than 600 times per second.Norway Norsk T rapid plasma deposition (RPD) titanium metal MERKE 3D printer is introduced in detail, please go to the WeChat small program "library" 3D printing products around the world, the rolls search "plasmaThe sedimentary”。

Norsk for Spirit production first confirm the backup parts as channel lock.Now is the entire 787 former part of the fuselage, the part plan in January 2019 as the final assembly.

Spirit AeroSystems global manufacturing, senior vice President Kevin Matthies commented: "manufacturing capacity will increase material into our production system to build the ultimate purpose of titanium parts, expanded the Spirit of manufacturing capacity, make us at the forefront of advanced manufacturing."

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