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Norsk 3D printing reserve plane door lock accessories rapid plasma deposition (RPD) technology
Jan 04, 2019

On January 4, 2019, the South Pole bear learns from the foreign media, the manufacturers of aircraft structure Spirit AeroSystems has confirmed that received its first 3D printing structure components.It is the company with the Norwegian - America's rapid plasma deposition (RPD) developers Norsk Titanium a partnership's first product, the unit has been installed in front of the Boeing 787 fuselage.

As per the only manufacturer, Boeing aircraft the nose section Spirit support for RPDS technologies may become 3D printing a landmark further consolidation in the field of aviation.

Boeing 787 fuselage in Spirit AeroSystems production

By 2019, the Spirit of cooperation with Norsk relationship has lasted nearly a decade.Two companies work together to make the RPD increased material manufacturing technology to become a valuable Spirit of aviation structure lines and fully integrated part, USES include the fuselage, the rack, cabin and wing parts manufacturing.

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