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Nova Meat is made from pea and seaweed 3D printing steak
Nov 21, 2018

Scionti meat and other researchers found that these an option is one of the driving factors of sustainability.Global demand for meat is on the rise, but as a result of feeding beef and meat consumption and emissions produced by transporting and storing of resources is greater than the environment can handle.The sustainability of the product is very important for the Scionti, this is what he chose to use existing peas and rice protein and amino acids."I use the raw material of no negative impact on the environment.I try not to choose avocado or quinoa, because of the increased demand for need to import food can produce adverse effect to the environment, "he said.

Costs are Meat Meat industry one of the biggest obstacles, Nova Meat each 4 ounces of about $3.With the expanding of the scale of production, the cost will fall sharply.Adjust the flavor Scionti has been working with local chefs, once they do, we can see the 3D printing steak on the menu.

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