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Nova Meat is made from peas and seaweed 3D printing steak
Nov 21, 2018

Science and meat have gathered in recent years, many companies tried to design meat analogs, these analogues are not entirely too much.Some people grow muscle tissue in the laboratory environment, while others tried to simulate the meat flavor and texture.Based on plant protein, fiber and amino acids.So far, as long as we are talking about the ground meat, already available plant-based substitutes seems more like a real taste and feel.Compared with steak or chicken breast, lab grown meat texture score higher, but in the shops and restaurants offer price is very expensive.This means that the lack of people on the market at present need Meat substitutes, fleshy fibre texture, this is Giuseppe Scionti Nova Meat can place in competition.

Scionti use or pea protein powder from rice and seaweed ingredients developed without meat.Using CAD software, Scionti designed a program that will ingredients into the "flesh".Use injector insert elements into machine, and then insert the ingredients long fine silk in forming for the steak.It is said that "the straw color paste" is similar to real steak texture.The machine can be in less than an hour the endogenous output nearly a quarter of a pound of raw steak.

Scionti even have plant-based meat substitutes, called "patent is imitating meat on the structure of the natural microbial of the organization."The 3 d printer is developed by Catalonia polytechnic university Scionti (Barcelona, Spain, he founded the Nova last year Meat, its delicious commercialization.Scionti detailed expounds his goal, "we ate them with many journalists, they think plant prototype has the texture of meat.The flavor of the first prototype is very good, but it is not to imitate the taste of meat.However, this does not make me worry, because imitation of animal meat flavor technology has been developed over the last few years, but my main challenge is to obtain the consistency and quality of a material like meat, it has not yet been invented "according to the Scionti, difficult is to rearrange the nano fiber, plant protein to imitation of animal protein structure.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger etc. The success of the company to create a convincing ground Meat substitutes, thanks to the American people in Hamburg, tacos and love of chili, because these foods using ground Meat.But the people who live in the Mediterranean region to eat much less meat, Scionti points out, "...In the Mediterranean, we usually like to eat a piece of the actual fiber meat, not just is extracted from ground meat products.

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