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NUST MISIS scientist will be the strength of the 3D printing aluminum composite doubled
Oct 12, 2018

The strength of titanium is about six times of aluminum, so this kind of advanced method of 3D printing aluminum one-third of the strength of the composite material is titanium.Researchers are introduced in detail the technology and the results of the study, published in the scientific journal "Sustainable Materials and technology" (Sustainable Materials and Technologies).

NUST MISIS department of non-ferrous metals and gold, Alexander Gromov professor explained: "we have developed a technique to strengthen 3D printing aluminum matrix composites, we also obtained innovation through burning aluminium precursor modifier.""Combustion products - nitride and alumina - designed for sintering branched surface preparation and transition between nanoparticles.This is the special properties of the surface and structure, allowing the particles firmly adhere to the aluminum substrate, so that the strength of the composite materials with the double.

According to the researchers, this method has the advantage of low cost, strong practicability.At present, new technology, with the help of the team is testing the prototype.

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