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Oak ridge laboratory develop using lignin, the new 3 d printing materials
Jul 05, 2018

As energy minister rick perry went to the factory to use the fastest in the world, the most intelligent science supercomputer Summit, more ORNL's 3D printing professional technology become the focus of attention.Perry stood no ordinary wooden podium - he stood on a future of 3D printing behind the podium, provided by the ORNL.In addition to the microphone and wiring, each section of the platform using different technologies and materials for 3D printing.

The platform at the top of the 20% carbon fiber ABS 3D printing, printing need 6 hours, then coated with Tru - the Design of sand coated with transparent coatings and leveling agent.Base by 30% 30% bamboo, PLA enhanced, the component took three hours for 3D printing.Podium of the doe sign a Arcam electron beam melting by titanium alloy system for 3D printing, printing took nine hours and 44 minutes.

       U.S. secretary of energy in the world's fastest computer Summit's opening ceremony

No matter use what kind of technology, platform shows the speed and effect of 3D printing.Complex DOE traditionally seals must cast completed, but the 3D printing speed is much faster, and do not need to use the mold.In his speech, the participants can see ORNL manufacturing facilities to show how to through the use of technology to save money, time and reduce waste.Final product attractive, with a brown base and silver at the top of the many facets of the distortion, DOE seals highlighted.It is also a powerful skirt building, strong and durable, the application of advanced coating, so it can resist rain, sunshine or other outdoor elements.

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