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Oak ridge laboratory developed using lignin, the new 3D printing materials
Jul 05, 2018

Lignin is a complex organic polymer, is an important part of many plant cell wall, make its have wood and rigidity.It is also a kind of 3D printing materials, like cellulose.Oak ridge national laboratory (ORNL) is a research organization, do a lot of important work in 3D printing, developed a new 3D printing materials using lignin.

                      Oak ridge, the development of a new lignin 3D printing materials

According to the ORNL, plant-based material with excellent performance, lignin is a by-product of biofuel technology, also and will maximize its value, used as a 3D printing materials.The material by the lignin, rubber, carbon fiber and a mix of ABS.Compared with single ABS, use the material to print 3D components in the adhesive strength between the layers increased by 100%.

"In order to achieve this goal, we in the past five years has accumulated experience of lignin," Amit of ORNL Naskar said."We will continue to fine tune the material composition, make it more powerful."Detailed information is the process to apply for A patent has been published in an article entitled "improving the lignin composite material in the 3D printing and interlayer adhesion can be the general method" in the paper, the author of the paper include the Ngoc a. Nguyen, Christopher c. Boland and Amit k. Naskar.

                                     Made by different 3D printer technology stage

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