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PrinTracker: using 3D printer fingerprint track the method of 3D printed a gun
Oct 22, 2018

To test PrinTracker, the team from 14 different commercial 3D printer - 10 kinds of frequency division multiplexing (FDM) printer and four stereo lithography (SLA) respectively in the printer to print the five door key.Teams use inkjet digital image scanner to create each key, and then enhance the patterns on each image to identify the material.Then, they have developed an algorithm to calculate the change of each key, mm, to verify the authenticity of the fingerprint.Because compared with the form in the database of fingerprints effectively in advance, obtain evidence the physical objects in the scene can accurately trace back to its source 3D printers.

                                                            PrinTracker system overview

According to the researchers, in 99.8% of the time they were able to match the key of the printer from its printer.They in 10 months after another round of testing, to determine whether additional use affect the printer PrinTracker would object to its original machine matching ability.The result is the same.The researchers also were involved in a variety of ways damage experiment, the key to hide their identity.PrinTracker accuracy was 92% in these tests.

                                               3D printing on objects of two kinds of textures

Xu hope PrinTracker any 3D printing can be used to track objects to the printer.

"We have shown that PrinTracker is an effective, powerful and reliable way, law enforcement agencies, and pay attention to intellectual property rights of enterprises can track the origin of the 3D printing products," Xu said.

Regulation is traditionally not, however, the production of the gun is not easy.Track 3D printing gun need all 3D printer sales records and information about the buyers."Fingerprints" of them must be stored in a government database.Considering the actual registration of guns for civilian use only 79 million, only 9% of the total number of suspicious of guns, the team's method may take some time to be implemented.

"PrinTracker" research report will be held on October 15 to 19 at the Toronto conference of the association of computer and communication security.

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