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Reeboks new sneakers use 3D printing to reduce the weight by 20%
Mar 28, 2018

Reebok has launched the latest 3D print sneakers: Liquid Floatride Run.The new shoe incorporates reebock's Liquid Factory 3D printing technology, bringing new technology to its popular Floatride Run sneakers.


But in addition to the novelty of technology, its liquid factory processes allow it to reduce the weight of shoes by 20 percent and provide two unique functions: liquid lace and liquid grip.

Reebok's liquid lace function replaces traditional shoelaces by printing stretchable "shoelaces" directly into shoes.It is reported that the flexible 3D printing shoelaces are designed to integrate pressure points on certain parts of the shoe so that the shoes can be easily worn without sacrificing the stability and support of the shoes.


The second new feature, Liquid grip, at the bottom of Liquid Floatride Run, is basically a 3D printing line along the bottom of the shoe, designed to provide better grip and traction.These 3D printing fluid grips also help reebok to significantly reduce the weight of the sneakers.

The upper part of the shoe also USES Reebok's Flexweave technique.The technique is said to have better air permeability, durability and support than other superstructures.


However, unlike its rivals, Nike and adidas, reebok does not use additive manufacturing (at least not yet) for its new sneaker production.Instead, its new Liquid Floatride Run model is equipped with its trusted and proprietary Floatride cache, which is recognized by Runner's World as the "best debut" of 2017.

"The next generation of Liquid Factory products will be more innovative, because we can use the process of the Liquid Factory - the sole, the cushioning and the shoe - to make the whole shoe," McInnis added."We look forward to bringing more products to market and incorporating a breakthrough liquid factory process into it."


The liquid factory process itself USES a combination of software and robotics to "draw shoes in three dimensions".More specifically, the robotic system USES proprietary high-energy liquid materials (developed by basf) to "extract" shoes in 3D.The unique process allows Reebok to produce shoes without the need for traditional moulds.


Reepper's new Liquid Floatride Run sneakers can be ordered from its online store for $180.

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