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SAE launched aerospace 3D printing materials and technology standards
Jul 11, 2018

The original translation of the American society of automotive engineers) aerospace materials increase material manufacturing committee (AMS - AM) released the first set of industry material manufacturing material and process standards, including four specific standards, mainly involved based on laser molten (LPBF) of powder bed material manufacturing technology.


The federal aviation administration (FAA) in 2015, he ordered the SAE technical committee established, standards for aerospace materials and relevant documents, to assist the FAA in aerospace equipment manufacturing increases the material parts certification, including commercial aircraft certification quality requirement is very strict. SAE officials said the released standards could support the certification of key components of aerospace equipment and ensure the integrity and traceability of material property data in the supply chain.


The specific manufacturing standards for added materials released this time are:

AMS7000, 62ni21.5cr9.0mo3.65nb corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, heat-resistant, heat-resistant, heat resistant, static pressure and solid solution annealing to make components

AMS7001, 62ni22.1. 5cr9.0mo3.65nb corrosion resistant and heat resistant nickel alloy powder for additive manufacturing

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