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Science team develop new 3D printing method can be used to monitor the structure of the organization
Oct 10, 2018

Recently published research proves that how to use with the sensor calibration and specialised bioinks nanoparticles, for example, to monitor has one or more of the following cell types of the biological print structure of algae photosynthesis and respiration, and stem cell respiration.

"This is a 3D biological print of a breakthrough.Can now online monitoring cell oxygen metabolism and environment, and in the full 3D printing life structure for noninvasive monitoring, "said professor Kuhl."In a larger organization or bone structure of the key challenges is to ensure that the training stem cells into cells to provide sufficient oxygen.Along with the development of the us, now can print structure in the visualization of 3D biological oxygen conditions, such as rapid implementation in different design build body test and optimization of stem cells to grow."

 Using sensitive nanoparticles containing oxygen functional biological polymer for 3D printing.

The team is very interested in exploring the development of their new cooperation and the application.

Kuhl said: "the use of functional biological link of 3D printing is a new and powerful technology, can be applied to other than many of the biomedical research field.For example, the advanced materials science, and sensor technology with me in microbiology and the research on ultra-weak bioluminescence (uwl) combination is very encouraging.Is currently used 3D printing to study microbial biology interaction and light."

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