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Scientists glucose biosensor 3D print for diabetes monitoring
Dec 08, 2018

Mechanical and material engineering college of Arda Gozen and Yuehe Lin, who led the project.Gozen believes that the technology can provide people with diabetes are more likely to get a custom solution, they said, "3D printing can produce tailored specifically for individual patients biosensor.This could reduce the cost."

Lin, hope the young generation can avoid the sting of outdated drugs, commented: "our 3D printing glucose sensors will be used as wearable sensors, to replace the finger prick of pain.Since this is a no needle used for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring technology, so the children's blood sugar monitoring will be easier."

They are now focused on biological sensors integrated into a wearable device can be packaged, to conduct long-term blood glucose monitoring.Can be designed as simple as a wrist strap, wireless connectivity to the smartphone to denote and track glucose levels.Provide highly customized 3D printing, and can produce any shape of biological sensing fabric.Eventually, with will power to further integration into the flexible material technology, biological sensors will take place within the clothing, its measurement is not only a glucose.Activity tracker and health monitoring system will be housed in a smart T-shirt, can wear during exercise and the sick, regularly generate diagnosis, automatically uploaded to the doctor's office.This is the future of 3D printing.

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