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Scientists glucose biosensor 3D printing for diabetes monitoring
Dec 08, 2018

Because the 3D printing of glucose electrochemical biosensor has flexibility, Washington state university breakthrough will enable wearable glucose monitoring system possible.For millions of people with diabetes, continuous glucose test the pain of finger prick is another inconvenience.Can use continuous glucose monitoring device, but they are very expensive and require embedding sensors by adhesive is fixed in the appropriate location of the skin.

Biosensor can accurately measure the level of glucose in the sweat, because it has already been skin, so finger stabbing and embedded sensors of invasive and discomfort is becoming more and more unnecessary.These biosensors have become a flexible format is mainly confined to screen printing, this is a very toxic and the process of material deprivation.Through the use of direct writing (DIW) 3D printers, ink WSU team produces electrical conductivity and flexibility of nanoscale materials.Accurate method using significantly fewer materials and biological sensor is more sensitive than traditional electrode, part of the reason is to improve the surface morphology.

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