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Scientists used embedded magnets print 3D printing artificial heart pump
Oct 30, 2018

This spring, the 26-year-old PhD student developed a prototype.Petersdorff Campen will he newly developed method called "embedded magnets print".The key is to ensure that the magnet is directly in the plastic 3D printing.Magnetic powder and plastic mixing before printing, and then processed into filaments.Using FDM technology, the plastic wire output computer generated automatically from the nozzle shape, as well as its various components.Then, will print a magnetized in external magnetic field.The plastic heart pump prototype took 15 hours to print it out.

One of the biggest difficulties is the material formula: add the magnetic powder in granular mixtures, the more the stronger the magnet, however, this can lead to the final product, resulting in more brittle bones."We tested, all kinds of plastic and mixture until these fiber flexible enough, you can print, but still have enough magnetic force," said Petersdorff - Campen.

Petersdorff - Campen in academic journals published his findings.The reaction of people each are not identical, he explained: "some people have asked, where they can order the material."Some people criticize the 3D printing is not suitable for production of medical equipment, because they must go through all kinds of examination and approval procedures."However, that's not my point," Petersdorff - Campen stresses."I just want to show this principle, and he was sure it was worth the scientists and developers to develop further.

                      Composed of polymer - magnetic powder mixture of flexible filament

Despite his method may not be suitable for manufacturing the heart pump, but the 3D printing magnet potential is enormous.Magnets are used in motor, for example, many domestic technology and equipment, from the computer's hard drive to the speaker and microwave ovens.Today, geometric shape of complex magnetic components are manufactured by injection molding complex, but if the 3D printing technology, can greatly speed up the production, reduce the cost.

However, this is still a long way to go, Petersdorff - Campen said: "in terms of materials and processing there are still many places need to improve.For example, his heart pump can be successfully at a speed of 2.5 litres per minute pump out 1000 times, but it has not reached the standard of actual need, "I don't want such a device implanted in the body."

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