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Singapore building 3D print project 3D printing for India to the toilet
Jul 09, 2018

AM. NUS building 3D printing plans have begun to carry out two studies in the field.
3D printing toilet to improve sanitation in India

The first one is with NAMIC and Hamilton Labs for 3D printing toilet project cooperation, the company specializes in 3D printing construction, to speed up the Indian toilet equipment of production and improve the country's health infrastructure.

The researchers developed a novel design of the toilet, 3D printing can be in five hours, now need a day to manually build.Through 3D printing production of new toilet is also 25% cheaper.The toilet by Hamilton robot HamilBot Mark 1 3D printers use recycled cement mixture, and will be used in bihar Madhubani Darbhanga region.The researchers will also study in the next stage will be recycled materials to join, to build the toilets in the concrete.

Each toilet unit is composed of 12 smaller modules, these modules can be transported to destination will assemble and install the toilet unit.Unique and simple design makes it easier for workers to complete the assembly and installation.

The second project is to develop a template used in bathroom unit 3D printing volume.Used in concrete structure template is traditionally made of steel or wood, needed to complete the structure of the typical HDB bathroom unit for nearly a day.Polymer in alternative new steel and wood template you can use the semi-automatic production line to build as many as 24 bathroom unit in one day.Researchers are working with the local government and the local company to promote the project.

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