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Singapore building 3D printing project 3D printing for India to the toilet
Jul 09, 2018

On July 9, 2018,  the national university of Singapore (NUS) scientists have launched a new plan, namely AM. NUS building 3 d printing plan, to speed up the construction industry to promote the use of 3D printing technology.The program led by institute of design and environment at the national university of Singapore, and manufactured by increasing material state innovation cluster (NAMIC) support, will develop sustainable materials and 3D printing design, so as to promote the rapid mass production of structures.

The building 3D program aims to completely change the construction industry, in order to improve the efficiency and cost, and through better building design and materials to improve building structure and ecological friendly.More precisely, a new AM. NUS building 3D printing plan will through cutting-edge research and cooperation with industry, build a building 3 d printing in Singapore ability of ecological system.The plan for the national university of Singapore students and industry partners to provide training, building 3D printing and in building 3 d printing space organizing conferences and seminars and other activities, to encourage knowledge sharing in the region

In addition, the national university of Singapore has also established a 3D printing laboratory construction, the laboratory will accommodate Singapore's largest gantry concrete 3D printers.The technology will be used to test new building design and materials, to develop 3D printing mass production of concrete structure in a sustainable way.

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