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Solar 3D printing is coming!Custom processing just bask in the sun
Jun 15, 2018

Now the new energy development so fast, we scientists also uneasy cent of wisdom, and the development of solar energy3D printingProcess, after some electric power scarce but the country is rich in solar energy, can use the natural resource advantages, development of production.


At the end of may, rochester technology (RIT) come to Colombia, brings residents a lively show of solar 3 d printing.The solar printer is augustine university (UAO) of six students for engineering discipline senior design course of special research and development, easily converts solar energy into electric energy.

This time they use materials from the cycle of plastic bottle recycling waste plastic, wire as 3D printing.

"We developed mainly to overcome the difficulty is how to insure the continuous work of electric power, because solar power often cannot guarantee the continuous power supply, and our 3D printing needs constant current supply."Officials said.

"We give students the opportunity to exercise, the more you exercise, the faster they grow.Whether they are their own business after graduation or to work in the fortune 500 companies, now they harvest knowledge experience is very useful, and will accompany, affect their career.We want to create global work environment for students, for example, the project to give students more experience, and create the environment to the sooner the better."

3D printing in addition, the solar energy projects can also help to attract local young generation, help them to develop the advanced manufacturing ability of market development.

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