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The 3D print magnetic structure to crawling, rolling, jumping
Jun 20, 2018

Changing fields

The team development of magnetic structure belongs to "soft drive" - under mechanical means to shape transformation or mobile soft, deformable material, such as temperature or pH change and the expansion of the hydrogel device;In plenty of incentives, such as heat or light) the deformation of shape memory polymer and liquid crystal elastomer;Through the air or water drive pneumatic and hydraulic equipment;Or stretching of the dielectric elastomer under voltage.

But water gel, deformation of shape memory polymer and liquid crystal elastomer process is very slow;Pneumatic and hydraulic devices must connect related equipment and air pump, water pump, so their efficiency is not high, difficult to remote control;Deformation of the elastomer electrolyte needs very high voltage, usually more than a kv.

"There is no an ideal soft robot in the human body or similar enclosed space is not restricted to perform a task."The researchers Kim said, "this is why we believe that the magnetic control device which has a great development space.Magnetic control device is fast, robust and less damage to the body, and it can remote control."

                                                   Figure 丨 structure of 3D printing

In addition to the Massachusetts institute of technology, the team, there have been other researchers created a driven magnetic material, but they made device can complete some relatively simple actions.In most cases, the researchers will polymer solution mixed with magnetic beads, then put the mixture into a mould.Once mixture solidified, the researchers will before you will be removed from the mold structure of the applied magnetic field, so that the magnetic beads uniform magnetization.

"Before us, the researchers made only can prolong, shorten and bending structure."Yuk said. "our challenge: how to make a task to perform more complex structures or robot?"

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