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The 3D printed Spine implant was approved by the FDA
Jun 13, 2018

STALIF FLX one-piece intervertebral fusion apparatus has the advantage of superior to all other titanium implant, because they are designated for autograft or allograft bone transplantation of one or two consecutive levels.Viscogliosi continued: "this approval is the important achievement of 3 d printing titanium alloy equipment development, because the 510 (k) include multiple intervertebral fusion device series, on behalf of the thousands of potential Cervical and Lumbar fusion implants."


Founded in Centinel Spine before Surgicraft association launched an innovative integration device, it is a new implant for anterior spinal surgery.The device through a single incision, which is a kind of than before surgery for these types of less invasive techniques.FLX platform is the next step in the treatment of spinal diseases, high-tech for platform as approved by the FDA will make the Centinel closer to become a global leader in the treatment of the spine.Centinel Spine has 30 years of clinical experience, including Surgicraft and Raymedica work, and continue to use 3 d printing and other advanced technology to relieve pain and restore the patient's activity.

Spinal conditions are some may affect the most pain and weakness of disease of the human body, but because of like 3 d printing technology and advanced materials, easier to treat these diseases, and the shortest pain and recovery time.The us food and drug administration approved Centinel has been the latest platform is to make the spinal diseases are easy to leap again.

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