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The 3D printing AI equipment at the speed of light to identify the object
Aug 06, 2018

Researchers at the university of California, Los Angeles, believes that based on the equipment of the new technology can be used to speed up data intensive tasks involved in sorting and identification object.For example, using the technology of driverless cars can react immediately - and even faster than using existing technology - to respond to a stop sign.Using a UCLA system equipment, once the light hits it from mark, cars will be "read" logo, rather than having to "wait" car camera imaging of objects and then use the computer to find out what is the object.

Based on the technology of the present invention can also be used for microscopic imaging, and medical, for example, used for sorting millions of cells to look for signs of the disease.

Because of its components can be founded by 3D printers, so the artificial neural network can be made with larger and more layers, resulting in a device with hundreds of millions of an artificial neuron.That of the larger device can simultaneously identify more object or perform more sophisticated data analysis.And components can be cheap production - founded by the university of California, Los Angeles team equipment can replicate below $50.

The study on July 26, published online in the journal "science".The study got the national science foundation and the support of the Howard hughes medical institute.

"This work for the use of the passive device based on artificial intelligence analysis of real-time data, image and classify objects opens up new opportunities," said Dr. Oz hom.

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