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The 3D printing magnetic structure to crawling, rolling, jumping
Jun 20, 2018

The engineers at the Massachusetts institute of technology has created a 3 d printing soft structure, its movement can be controlled by external magnetic field, as if no string puppet.

This structure can carry on the various deformation under the control of the magnet: a under the effect of magnetic force, the smooth surface of the corrugated ring;An end to a pipeline of;A folding their own pieces of metal;A spider in the shape of a "claw", to crawl, rolling, jumping, still can catch some of the balls in a timely manner.It can even under the guidance of a magnet with their own lives a little pills, tablets shipped to the other end of the table.

Behind these magnetic structure is a kind of joined the tiny magnetic particles of 3 d printing ink.Researchers in the 3 d printer nozzle installed around a magnet.When the ink through the nozzle, electromagnet in the magnetic particles arranged in the same direction.By controlling the direction of the magnetic field of each part of the 3 d printing structure, the researchers made the structure and the device can change into the shape of a complex within almost instantly.In addition, due to various parts of the structure will be responding to external magnetic field, they can also move.

Mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts institute of technology and Zhao Xuan royal professor of civil and environmental engineering college, said the magnetic structure of related technology can be used in the manufacture of magnetic control biomedical devices.

"We think this technology has great prospects in the biomedical field."Zhao said, "for example, we can place a structure around a blood vessel to control the flow of blood, or use a magnet to another device through the gastrointestinal tract, which collected image, to extract tissue samples, removing obstruction or will some drug delivery to a specific location.In the design and simulation, we can print directly to the required magnetic structure."

Zhao and his colleagues in June 13 in the journal nature published the results., co-author of the paper is at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Yoonho Kim, Hyunwoo Yuk, Ruike Zhao, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (New Jersey Institute of Technology) of Shawn Chester.

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