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The 3D printing magnetic structures to crawling, rolling, jumping
Jun 20, 2018

"Area" game

Massachusetts institute of technology, the research team is no internal magnetic field direction completely consistent structure;They created in the structure of magnetic "zone" - independent part of the structure, the magnetic field direction of the magnetic particles have different from other areas.When the structure of exposure to external magnetic field, due to all parts of the particle response to external magnetic field, movement of each part is different.Because of this, the team thought that their structure can perform more sophisticated and detailed action.

Through their 3D printing platform, the researchers will be able to print out a different parts of the structure, namely different magnetic "zone".When printing each "zone", they will change the direction of the magnet around the printer nozzle, so as to adjust the specific "area" in the direction of the magnetic particles.

The team also developed a physical model, is used to predict the printing how deformation under magnetic field structure.This model variables including elasticity of printing materials, the shape of the structure of each "zone", and applying an external magnetic field.The model can predict the structure deformation or movement.Ruike found the model prediction results with the team in different structure is very close to the results of experiment.

                                                Figure 丨 structure of 3D printing

In addition to the corrugated pipe ring, will open and close, and similar spider "claw", the researchers also made some complex structures, such as a quick shrink or stretch along the two directions of "bulge" structure.Zhao and her colleagues also print a printed with embedded circuit and the red and green leds.According to the direction of the external magnetic field, the ring can pass deformation, light red or green.

"We have developed a platform for others to use the print and predictive model.People can design your own structure and the "zone" form, validate them with our model and various functions and print them in practice."Zhao said, "by compiling structure, such as" area "and the magnetic field of complex information, we can even print intelligent machines such as robots."

Georgia institute of technology, department of mechanical engineering professor Jerry Qi, said the team's work will lead to a series of fast, flexible robot remote control design and research and development, especially in the biomedical field.

"They are very novel."Professor Qi was not involved in the study, but gave a high evaluation of their work."People can use a soft robot in the human body, or use soft where is not easy to come into contact with the robot.Using the paper tells the technology, we can apply on the outside of the human body magnetic field, without using any wiring inside human body.Due to their fast response, flexible robot many actions can be done in a short period of time.These are very important for practical application."

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