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The BMW i8 Roadster 3D print the roof support in the international award
Aug 18, 2018

German carmaker BMW group, with its 2018 BMW i8 Roadster 3D printing convertible top metal stents in 2018 won the Altair Enlighten award, this innovative components marked the first time 3D printing metal parts used in mass production of vehicles.

Altair Enlighten award aims to reduce vehicle weight the biggest achievement every year.The award for the nominees provides is recognized internationally to reduce vehicle weight and has reached the leading character in the emissions targets.Six of the Altair Enlighten prize winner emerge from 57 finalists - nearly twice as much is the total number of games last year.

BMW group has always been a pioneer in automobile industry increasing material manufacturing technology.The company is using the technology in the design process each stage of the rapid development of advanced prototype, 3D printing research and investment, even using 3D printing in the final stages of batch production.By using this technology to develop the latest prototype is 2018 BMW i8 Roadster roof support.

BMW group in the category of module ranked 16th, of which the first 3 d printing metal parts used in the production of series of vehicles, the 2018 BMW i8 roadster, a 44% reduction in weight.By selective laser melting (SLM) technique production without any support structure, the topological optimization design for the first time nearly 1:1 into series production vehicles, in order to realize the ten times reduction in weight and stiffness increased.

"When the judges saw this part, we said, 'this is manufacturing the tip of the iceberg," Altair global automotive and industrial senior vice President and industry award, one of the judges team Richard Yen said.

Metal material gain, head of BMW Maximilian Meixlsperger before implementation of SLS 3D printing took ten years to change the design of the roof support.In order to maintain the soft top institutions is beautiful and compact, BMW decided to expand the scale, production topology optimization geometry support components, and breakthrough innovation in manufacturing process.

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