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The BMW i8 Roadster 3D printing the roof support in the international award
Aug 18, 2018

3D printing metal stents to open the lid connected to a spring hinge, make the roof folds, no additional noise reduction measures, such as rubber shock absorber or greater (heavier) spring and driving devices.The part need to improve, push and pull the weight of the roof, need sculpture of the complex structure, it is not possible.

BMW's designers and engineers using topology optimization software to input specifications, for example, they need to move the load weight and space of their own, and software to generate the "load path", this kind of design can distribute the load to minimize the amount of material required in this part.

BMW has done is to finish the work in the absence of support, "said Richard Yen."Now, they can 3 d print batch production, can be printed in a batch of more than 600 such support."

The hardness of the component is 10 times than the original plan of high hardness, but not hard, using PA6GF30 injection molding.Compared with the alternatives for magnesium die casting, 3 d printing bracket also has the cost advantage.

The result is clear: the new i8 Roadster soft top vertical fold into Z geometry, when stored in a "box" behind the driver, left 92 litres of cargo space effectively, this is the engine of 88 litres of boot space behind the car.

"We are very honored to get this year the Altair Enlighten award, and thanks to the judges accepted the involved in another team's effort," BMW group increased material manufacturing metal head Maximilian Meixlsperger said."Clearly, combined with the powerful features of the optimization technology, increase material manufacture of vehicle has the huge potential of lightweight design personnel.Put the 3 d printing parts in mass production vehicle unheard of until recently, but with this success, we will have the opportunity to this process as part of our standard design and manufacture method."

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