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The development of 3D printing living tissue to treat arthritis
Jul 06, 2018

3D printing technology in medical field the most dramatic expansion, 3D printing technology can provide a more complete personalized solutions for doctors, more suitable for patients with 3D operation plan model, also can promote artificial living tissue and organs in the field of regenerative medicine research.3D printing implants, and artificial limbs, rehabilitation medical equipment into the body organs such as hearing AIDS, etc.Recently in the Netherlands (ucm) Utrecht university medical center researchers are dedicated to the study of biological 3D printing, and if the live joints affected by arthritis, to treat arthritis.

Inflammatory arthritis is somewhere in the body, it may affect one or more joints.Each year for every 100000 people in 41 people diagnosed with arthritis, arthritis can cause discomfort and pain, make it difficult to daily work.As a 3D - to be part of the project, the Dutch all UMC Utrecht of Jos Malda professor and his team are developing biological organization of 3D printing, these groups can be inserted in the live JOINT to replace damaged parts, and will eventually mature is the same as the original healthy cartilage tissue.

                                                           What professor mar reach

Although can design according to the precise 3D printing stem cells, but that doesn't mean they can immediately be converted into new organs or body parts.3D printing is not the final step of biological manufacturing for printing things aren't going to be a heart to heart, the structure of the print need time to chemical and physical changes and the right to become a functional organization.

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