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The first paragraph 3d printing underwater jetpack speed of 8 miles per hour
Jul 13, 2018

The equipment of the impeller or for the rotation of the centrifugal pump power structure using carbon fiber powder was injected SLS print, make its have "these parts needed for the extreme stiffness".

Operation of the CUDA is similar to the jet ski, its speed is controlled by holding the trigger system."Turn to is similar to the plane, because you need a certain speed turn to be effective," explains 3D Hubs.CUDA has its own patent propulsion system, is the world's fastest underwater jetpack.

So far, CUDA has been tested in swimming pool and open water.3D Hubs, claimed that the injector into the water for months and after to test it in the near freezing conditions, 3D printing parts will not leak or deformation of any problems.

O 'brien plans to further develop the product before brand building.He is now the goal in the second quarter of 2019 will be put into production Cuda.But he also did not say CUDA pricing.Over the years, released a few products in the market, his goal is to become the future leisure to promote water sports market leader.

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