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The Hebrew university show 3D printing custom drug capsules deformation of new technology
Nov 09, 2018

Custom 3D printing pill is made of water gel, drug insert in it.This technology can create any complicated design of pills, from star to crystal, to round, can extend and change shape, and scheduled to activate.In addition to being able to realize the complex structure and drug release characteristics, the new technology also allows doctors to adjust individual precisely the patient's level of exposure and dose.Drug dosage forms such as tablet, capsule, routine is usually limited to certain designs.Through 3D printing on tablets of geometry shape, surface area, and swelling index to fine-tune the proof-of-concept prototype of the team can increase the release of targeted drugs in the digestive tract, and better control of drug release and duration of time.For example, a 3D printing capsules can be designed in the stomach, give a person a kind of feeling full, or a release two or three drugs, or delay the release.

Magda west said: "these 3D printed objects can be contact with water or humidity to change shape, can open only under certain conditions."

And benny, Ph.D., professor Ma Jiaxi Hebrew university interdisciplinary research was invented a perfect example of this.Bring us closer to this technology in the medical field to provide personalized, patient-centered medical service in the future.

3D printing and transcend the conference will focus on the pharmaceutical, electronics and other defense-related technology innovation, and 3D printing food, auto parts, etc.

Meeting from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem function of nanoscience and nanotechnology center 3D and print center shlomo magda professor and Dr Michael leia's organization.The conference board is made up of Jerusalem, the Hebrew university technology transfer company sponsored yissues and the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.

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