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The new 3D printing nerve scaffolds can help treat spinal cord injury
Aug 15, 2018

At the university of Minnesota researchers have developed a 3D printing guide, long-term spinal cord injury patients can help recover part of the function.

Researchers at the university of Minnesota have developed a prototype of 3D printing equipment, with a living cells can help spinal cord disease restore some function.The size of the equipment can be customized print to suit each patient of spinal cord.The patient's own cells will be printed on the guide, in order to avoid rejection.

Allegedly, 3D printing guide made out of silicone, can be used as a platform, a dedicated unit and 3D printing on them.

The guide will be surgically implanted spinal cord damaged area, where it will live as injured area above and below a "bridge" between nerve cells.The device's goal is to help patients relieve pain and restore some function, such as control, bowel and bladder muscles.

"This is the first time someone can directly on the 3D printing guide 3D printing neural stem cells derived from adult cells, and allow the cells to differentiate into active nerve cells in the lab," said Michael's, he is an associate professor at the university of Minnesota.

At present, there are about 285000 americans suffer from spinal cord injury (sci), the country each year about 17000 new cases of spinal cord injury.

"This is a development and treatment of spinal cord injury patients the first step is very exciting," said Ann parr, assistant professor of medicine at the university of Minnesota."At present, for long-term spinal cord injury patients, there is no good, accurate treatment."

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