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The researchers used a set of mobile robot for the 3D printing of large-scale structure
Sep 01, 2018

3D printer is very good at creating a small enough object, make it into the printer tray.However, if someone wants to create a large object, they either were forced to find a large enough to accommodate the printer work, either print into fragments can be assembled later.In order to solve this problem, a group of researchers of nanyang technological university in Singapore by using robotic arm on the mobile platform directly printed on the spot, completely eliminate the limited by the size of the printer.

As a proof of concept, the team created a prototype, can print "[use] both run at the same time a single concrete structure of the mobile robot.This method of 3D printing is one of the biggest advantages, through the mechanical arm, in front of the system has broken away from the more traditional 3D printer special constraints.Robot can move around and define your own build volume.Although the height of the printed object is still limited to the robot arm outstretched, but in terms of length and width, they still have more flexibility than other systems.However, it also can be overcome through the industrial scale of the robot, in fact, the team has been considered by them in shear fork lifter up and expand the scope of the robot arm.

Another advantage is that they can be very effective, because you can use more robots for larger print jobs, each robot handle different parts at the same time."In addition to improve the overall speed of printing product, with multiple robots also means that you can make more solid, more complex structures, you won't have to wet because of the dry concrete of concrete fellowship with two parts glue problem," the researchers said.

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