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The U.S. army invented the 3d printing composite high strength concrete, for rapid construction
Jun 27, 2018

As defense's federal agencies, the army corps of engineers (USACE) have been developed and received a 3D printing concrete combination of patent, the combination of architectural component provides a high structural strength.

3D printing has been around for more than 30 years.But now, with the development of the new printed material, it is possible to build increasingly complex parts and products.USACE a leading position in the development of 3D printing, quick construction of military and civil construction.However, 3D construction projects is an important limiting factor to build concrete buildings rather than cement construction.

Concrete in essence is not uniform, however, the concrete due to the existence of the rocks and stones "aggregate" and get its strength.Due to its composition is uneven, the probability of concrete block machine is very high.Cement is a kind of homogeneous mixture, not blocking machine, but do not have to ensure that the structural strength needed for the building doesn't collapse under pressure.

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