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The world first!Russia realize 3D printing organs for the first time in space
Dec 07, 2018

Russia's "INVITRO" medical company said that its 3D biological printer boot print biomaterials on the international space station, making the world's first printed organs in space organization, achieved a historic breakthrough.

The company staff said: "after the ground biological printers use trained Russian cosmonaut oleg kono in the Moscow time on December 4, 17 PM on living tissue type experiment, the experimental plan for cartilage tissue in mice and mice with vascular structure functional thyroid organs structure."

Press said: "we are receiving from space photos, the camera can clearly see the mice on the screen of the thyroid how living structure composition and suspended."

The experimental results will be sent back to earth for study in 12 months, the results will be announced in early 2019.

The plan in the spring of 2019 to take their biological printer to the international space station.Russia had planned on October 11 by "soyuz MS - 10" spacecraft will first biological printer into space, but because of union - FG rocket accident, so the task is not complete.Russia's "INVITRO" medical company prepared a second device, on December 3 in baikonur by spacecraft to the international space station.

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